Monday, 26 November 2012

Miniature 1/12th Scale Wheelchair

Another finished project...
Just finished this order for a lovely, lovely lady who has made me giggle on more than one occasion with her fantastic emails.  This is a mini 1/12th scale replica of her hubby’s chair, and now she has seen the pics and indeed the chair has made it safely to its destination I’m sharing the pictures with you.

I really love this creation, I enjoyed working on it even though every single section of it had to be made and glued separately and I had to wait 24 hours every time I glued something somewhere lol.  I made the wheels from scratch because I couldn’t find them at the correct size with double spokes so I made these spoke by spoke. The castor section moves around like the real thing and for this I had to work out what materials I could use to hold the castor unit together that would also allow it to move and turn just like the real thing.  This was a bespoke order so personal touches were needed and for this l made a mini under-seat tool bag and a tiny penknife that sits in a tiny pouch on the side of the chair.

Because I made this chair in the same design as the real life chair and I had to hide a little wire here and there to help make it sturdy as the standard frame of a real chair is connected only by one single crossbar which transferred to a mini does not offer much stability but the wire helped a lot.  The spoked wheels are attached to a section on the frame that is a smaller version of the same section on the real size chair and this too caused the brain cogs to do a bit of extra turning lol.  All in all this was a fantastic project to do and best of all, the new owner and mini owner is pleased and that makes me happy!

Had to tell her not to do wheelies although she says its very "wheelie-friendly" Ahem!
Alegra tests it out for size and comfort.


  1. Hello from Spain: your creation is awesome. Keep in touch

  2. Wonderful wheelchair !! I knew it was coming, and I'm thrilled to see the pictures on Susan's blog with 'my' old chap sitting in it.

    1. haha Robin, I'm off to check out the blog in question right now, can't wait to see the pics!!! What a fantastic combination they will make :D xxx

  3. Well, good old blogger, I didn't get this post, only a page to say it had been removed! This quite amazingly real 1/12th replica wheelchair is getting a lot of use as the "old chap" makes up for lost time. All the RL family are so happy to have this memento courtesy of two such talented and lovely ladies. Warm thanks and hugs Gill, Sus.

    1. That's my fault Susan, I never have much time and on the day of my going away I posted this blog and then noted the pictures didn't show up so I took it down till I had time to sort it out... That's the problem with living life in a rush lol. I've updated again and added a link to you aswell :)
      I'm off to work hard scrubbing my house now lol and if I get finished, my reward shall be making a fat old santa to go in my Christmas scene.
      Big hugs

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