Friday, 23 November 2012

Room Corner

Well I decided to make a few room corners... I wanted to make something that could be added to, and I didn't want 'stuck down' minis in them mainly because I have a pet hate about that and I like to move things about and arrange them myself.  I really love and I don't know why but I just love the really grimy lived in look so I made a little shabby room corner, not sure there is much chic here so I'm leaving it at 'shabby' lol.  Here it is...

For this I didn't want to make lovely cakes that were all pretty, I wanted something simpler so I opted for just pastry and a few cutters.  I probably would have done a lot more in this kitchen but I didn't manage it because it sold.

I've made some more room corners, they are simple to make because one can get wood cut to size at the local DIY shop so I just worked out measurements, purchased the wood already cut to the exact size and I stuck it together, easy!  This helps to keep costs down because there is less time spent on cutting and shaping (I'm rubbish at woodwork) and I can then set about decorating instead.  The corners, when dressed will sell for about £10 and in this way I can make them affordable, which I like to do wherever possible. 
It's a nice change from my prams, which I love to make but they do take a considerable length of time and I have so much imagination and so many ideas that it’s just nice to do something a little different from time to time. I’m still working on orders of course but I always like to have several projects on the go because this saves me time when waiting for paint to dry or glue to set.  
Well I think my glue has set on the piece I’m working on so I’m off to glue something else to it.  

Every project is a learning curve!
 Have fun! xx


  1. Hello Gill,
    The corner is wonderful! It really feels like grandma's house! You aged it perfectly. it feels like the room has so many stories to tell.
    Wonderfulw ork Gill. You really are an extremely talented artist.
    Big hug,

    1. Ah Giac, thank you for all your wonderful comments on my work but I bow my head to you my friend because I am truly in awe of the beautiful works of art you produce. I know no two artists are the same but what you do is outstanding! I have so much respect for you.
      Big hugs
      Gill xx

  2. This corner is wonderful!
    Bye Faby

  3. I love this corner, so beautiful! Hugs

  4. Fantastic corner. I love the "shabby" look of it :)
    Hugs Maria

  5. Hello from Spain: I love this corner of the kitchen. The table, the floor and the walls seem very real. Great job. I lost my words. Keep in touch

  6. Ah you are all so lovely to me... thank you! xxxx

  7. Not sure why but it sure feels homey just to look at it! Great insight