Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Old Doll House Needs a Re-Vamp!

Well it was quite an early start for me again, after next to no sleep because my brain is too busy lol.  I’m just finishing off orders in the hope of having some time off to organise Christmas although I’m already booked up well past Christmas.  I have so many of my own projects I want to make a start on, but not enough hours in the day.  I’m hoping that I’ll find some time in that small slot just after Christmas day when everyone is over stuffed with too much food and busy trying out their new presents and maybe sneak a few moments to play with my own miniatures then.  I STILL have a dolls house from last Christmas that has sat in its box waiting for a space to be made that is large enough to accommodate it.  Moreover, Santa is all set to bring me a caravan for Christmas oh and an ever so sexy-posh bathroom for the house laying still unmade.  I guess I better find some time and more importantly, some space to get these mini projects started.  I think I’ll maybe do a separate blog for these projects so I can take you on the journey with me.

Another project in the queue is a little beach house that is painted in such plain colours and is crying out for some personality.  I was going to make it into a ‘hippy-indie’ type pad, maybe cram as much into it as possible and make a guy with dreadlocks to go in it with perhaps a woman with crazy coloured hair to partner him.  The amount of thought and research that goes into even the tiniest details can be the most time consuming part.  Oh decisions, decisions, I’m still in two minds if I should actually make the beach house into holiday chalet with fold down beds and other space saving ideas, I mean even dolls need a holiday sometime and mine really could do with some time off after all the photographic work they endure lol.
My big dolls house is one of the DHE Mountfield houses so it’s basically not too different from my own home.  It has a lounge, dining room, kitchen and hall downstairs, three bedrooms and a bathroom on the next floor and a loft room, which is great because that will give my imagination a place to run free.  This house will take up a HUGE space because it opens on three sides! Ah well I guess after Christmas I’ll have to have a big sort out and see if I can make space.  

Thought I’d Show you my first ever doll house, it’s quite dull in comparison to my newer projects, I’m thinking of re-vamping it perhaps. These pictures were taken quite a long time ago and it has improved marginally since then but it could still do with a little more excitement.  

My mum bought me this house and it took me about five years or more to get the roof finished... and even then I had help.  I guess the restraints of a young family didn’t offer me much scope for a hobby at the time either.  There is so much I could do with it now I look at it.  It sort of just sits there as a holding spot for my over worked dolls and bits and bobs while I’m taking pictures, it lives in the dining room which sometimes becomes an extension of my work space lol.  Oops, looking at these pictures makes me think I just managed to create yet another mini project for myself haha oh well at least I’ll never suffer with boredom!!  

Well I better get on... I need to go and open the door yet again so one of my beloved pets can come in/go out etc etc... think I need an electronic door, it’d save me so much time.
Chat soon
Gill xx


  1. Hello Gill,
    You sure are busy. I love the dollhouse! A re-vamp might be a great idea if you want to freshen it up. It is veryscharming and I like the rooms and some of the detail. I think we all wish we could re-do our older projects with what we know now.
    Big hug,

    1. Hello Giac,
      Ah it is an old dolls house... it's been sitting around for some time and I probably won't get round to its re-vamp for a good few years knowing me.
      You are very right though, the more we make, the more we learn and the more we learn, the more we want to make. Looking back this house is positively primitive lol. Still its my first house so I love it with all its faults :)
      Big hugs
      Gill x

  2. Hello from Spain: your dollhouse is awesome. I love the green color of the facade and door. The baby's room is very cute. The kitchen looks real .. You have many beautiful furniture. I love seeing all the rooms of the house. Keep in touch

  3. Your dollshouse is wonderful. I like the colors.
    Bye Faby

  4. Well, I like this house. Wish I had one like that. .....