Monday, 19 November 2012

Prams for sale and discount details

Well as promised these prams are available for sale...

As a thank you to my lovely followers I’m offering you 15% off the cost of any pram you purchase, so if you purchase two prams that will be 15% off each pram.  To qualify for this off just email me  ( and put ‘blogspot pram offer’ in the subject line and I’ll knock 15% off the cost of every pram purchased in this way.

Here are the pram details...
Modern pram with runched hood detail and detachable pram toy.
These prams are both 1/12th scale dolls house prams with contrasting lining throughout and padded mattresses and shaped handles.  They have moving wheels, shopping trays and matching aprons.  They cost £45 each plus postage to your country.  See above for details of how to get a discount! 
Choose from Lilac Floral and Red Floral.

The next pram is this traditional twin carriage pram with rocking chassis this pram has many features including a fully padded and lined carriage, lined hoods that fold back, a tiny suspension system that allows the carriage to rock, a matching apron and even a little lace trimmed quilt and pillow set.
This carriage pram is £79 + postage to your country.  See above for discount info.


  1. Oh no, I'm going to have to buy another one now! Love your prams and can't wait to get mine. X

  2. haha oh bless you Gill, hope it arrives soon! I'll have another look to see where it is tomorrow if its not arrived by then xx

  3. Gorgeous!

    These prams arte all so gorgeous and so well done. Once again, you really are an incrediby talented miniaturist. I know they will be very successful.
    big hug,