Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Artist Appreciation Day

Good morning... 
I think we should have a world ‘love your artists day’ because there are so many truly amazing artists out there who work so very, very hard for next to nothing and their reward is simply a smile and the joy they bring to others.  I truly think it is important to buy things from other artists too, I am always happy to show my support to those who, like me spend their time working for a pittance making things that bring pleasure to others.  Just yesterday I got a gorgeous doggie, hand crafted by a lady called Maria he is just soooo cute and even though I could make my own I love to get things from other artists, plus I just fell in love with him.  I love looking at other people’s work too it gives me inspiration and causes my mind to think up new ideas and take new directions.

Perhaps it’s about time that the world stopped taking advantage of the struggling artists out there and actually paid closer to what they are worth, before they kick the bucket lol

Have a great day whatever you are up to and do leave a comment or drop me a msg from time to time, it’s always lovely to hear from you.


  1. Hello Gill,
    I think your idea sounds great. When I look at some of the prices people charge for their artwork I don't know how they make ends meet. So many hours of work for so little.
    Big hug,

  2. Hello from Spain: I join a tribute to all the artists and creators who work hard and paid little. This dog is very cute. I love the grass in your garden. Keep in touch