Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A quick mini update...

Hello my lovely mini friends, 

Thought it about time I offer you some sort of update lol.  Been ultra busy but also had some time out to myself to spend with family, was much needed, in fact I need more lol.  Anyway here is one set of clothes I made for a very good customer of mine.  These are to fit a tiny 1/12th scale baby doll.
I’ve really been working hard on my cottage too, decided I need to change a few things though, you know when you just look at something and think, no that’s not quite right.  Well I decided I need some different garden furniture.  I also made a watering can as I couldn’t find one I liked the shape of.  Here it is...

Has a removable rose.
I made lots of flowers, a learning curve for me because I’ve never made them before, don’t think they are too bad but I do understand a lot more about making them now and I think I could do much, much better the next time round.  Here are some pix...
The orange, yellow and white flowers I made.

Only made the pink flowers in this pic.

Made this shrub and the white flowers.
I also begun making a tiny birdbath for my cottage garden, it’s not finished yet but here is a sneak peek...
Still lot sof work to be done on this yet.

Well that’s all for now.  I still have lots of prams in the making but as yet not managed to complete one. Hopefully get one out either by the end of the week or by the start of next week.
Big mini hugs
Gill xx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Another Moses basket, now I really must catch up on prams... I've two childrens toy dollhouse prams to make, two traditional carriage prams and another victorian perambulator to create and I'm still finishing off my cottage. Busy, busy.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Comfy chair

Hello my lovely mini friends,
I’ve been busy with orders but today I decided to made things just to finish my cottage off with.  I decided I needed to soften the look of my cottage a little and it needed a comfy chair, somewhere to settle down with a good book and a cuppa.  So I made this little armchair.  I am covered in glue lol but it was worth it.  I padded the back, the front of the base, the arms and made a removable seat cushion too.  I finished it off with a tiny fringe that a friend of mine sent to me.  I’m really pleased with it.  Can’t wait to show you all my cottage when it’s complete, I’m so excited.  Well I guess I better go back to my mini makes, always lots to do.
Thank you all for all the beautiful comments you make on my work, it really does make my day to see them all.
Love and big mini hugs
Gillybean xx