Saturday, 24 November 2012

The holidays are coming

Well I’m up late finishing off orders with the hope of getting away for a few days.  I’m off to the middle of a forest, and while I shall miss you all, I am really in need of a little time out before the big Christmas clean up begins.  Yes it’s fast approaching, yet another Christmas and yet another new year.  Sometimes I’m so busy it feels as if I’ve only just started the year before suddenly I’m wrapping presents at the end of the same year!! I do so love Christmas though, and I know people say it’s a time for children and I’m meant to be an adult but somewhere in my heart, and even in my head, at Christmas I become very much a child again.  

When I was small, my grandma used to make a little Christmas snow scene at the base of the tree.  At 6 years old I thought the tree was HUGE then I later realised it was smaller than me and stood on a coffee table!!  The winter scene always begun with tinfoil, then cotton wool on a roll would cover most of the foil except for the part that was to be the frozen pond.  Next to this would be placed a Santa and a snowman made from a loo roll covered in cotton wool.  I LOVED it!!! 

I know we’re not quite in December yet but I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of Christmas past...

2011 and there were more pressies than this, the big ones didn't fit under the tree lol

2010 and again there were more pressies than this.

I got accused of buying too large a tree last year so I pointed out that at least it was not as big as the one from a few years back, which looked like this...

 Now this was a HUGE tree, I had to cut a foot off it to stand it up and then I had to trim branches so it would fit in the corner and not sit filling the room from wall to wall lol.

This was when it snowed and the fridge was full so we improvised!

All lit up.
Note that Scrooge is on the telly box, very festive! 
Oo I can't wait now lol.  However it is still November and I've still a couple of orders to get out before Christmas so I'm off to bed to catch up on my beauty sleep before starting work again early tomorrow.

Talk soon xxx


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures :) I am also a child again when it comes to Christmas. I love the picture of it all lit up.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Hello Gill,
    Wonderful pictures. It looks so beautiful and so warm. I love Christmas...and non of that "For kids" stuff. Every day of my adult life I try really, really hard not to let the adult take over the kid inside! Luckily, I'm winning the battle ;)
    Big pre- chriustmas hug,

    1. I've heard that task of "retaining the kid in you" comes easier to men lol ;)
      I'm a total child too, that's the real reason I stil play with dolls houses of course :D
      Hope you have a great Christmas Giac

  3. It looks really nice with Christmas tree and gifts and beers. I can see you have Carlsberg beer, they are originally from Denmark, my country.

    We added a lot to enjoy in December, with apple slices, mulled wine and lots of candles and electric lights.
    I'm part of a Christmas swap this year, so I look forward to Christmas Eve.
    Welcome to my blog and have a nice vacation.

    Wyrna from A Fairytale come true.

    1. I love mulled wine, its my fave!!! And love candles too, make the place warm (and I mean warm) and cosy too. :) x

  4. Hello from Spain: I love the Christmas party. I also like old photos of Christmas. I'm looking forward to assembling the tree in my living room. You enjoy your vacation in the woods. Keep in touch

  5. Olá, obrigada por compartilhar as fotos conosco. Espero que teu próximo natal seja repleto de muitas felicidades!!! Um beijo em teu coração.