Friday, 27 December 2013

The Third Day of Christmas

On the Third Day Of Christmas...

My friend gave to me, two beautiful miniature bags that are just what I've been looking for.

When I was small I remember everyone used to have crocheted bags, I loved them and we had one that we used to pack with things when going to the park, the cream bag just reminds me of it... happy memories.  The purple one is going to belong to the Vivian the DH doll who will be moving into my caravan very soon, she's going to love it!!

I'm still in awe of how tiny and precise the stitches are.  Love my beautiful bags, thank you again Virginia.
To see what gift Virginia has opened today pay her a visit here 

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See you tomorrow. 

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  1. was a bit worried about these Gill, these are crocheted and I am still quite a novice so I am glad you like them xx