Monday, 30 December 2013

The Sixth Day of Christmas

On the sixth Day Of Christmas...

My friend gave to me, three pairs of tiny bootees... in blue!

Oh my goodness Virginia thinks of everything... on the second day I got three pairs of bootees for a little girl and now I've some for a boy too!!  Utterly fantastic... when I finish my big house I plan on having a room for the twin babies, a boy and a girl and these will not only look fantastic on a shelf but they can actually be worn too, how fantastic is that!

Look, look, look how tiny they are!!!

The pompoms are my absolute fave, I had some of these for my boys when they were babies

EEK! Just look at the detail wow!! I love them!!! 

I'll post up pictures in the future when I've found homes for everything :) Sooo many new minis I'm like a kid at Christmas and I LOVE THEM ALL :D 

Can't wait for tomorrow, see you then! 


  1. Adorable, especially the pompons. I made some, once... took me ages and ended up with a bigger one and a smaller one. Terribly difficult!
    wonder what tomorrow will bring you :-)
    *pushes John aside and grabs a cuppa * :-D

    1. haha you would be most welcome to pop round for a cuppa and a mooch at the mini things :) It is all so exciting getting new mini things especially when they are so lovingly made. I'm afraid I'm like you, I can't get the tension right either, in fact I'm probably worse than you because at least you got as far as making some :) I can't wait to open today's package... can't imagine what I might find next.

  2. those are so cute :)
    Happy New Year

    Marisa :)