Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Fourth Day of Christmas

On the fourth Day Of Christmas...

My friend gave to me, a little yellow duck, a very cute penguin and a brilliant humpty dumpty!

Wow, wow, wow... I am amazed!! Oh my goodness I could never of imagined getting these beautiful little gems.  Goodness knows what is to come next I am just so, so lucky.  Thank you to my lovely friend Virginia, you truly are very talented indeed!!!

Popped these next to a desert spoon so you can see how tiny they are.

Love the little feet on the penguin and the duck.

I have to say the humpty dumpty is my absolute fave... I had a humpty when I was small, my grandma made him for me and I loved him so much.  I just adore this little guy. Huge thanks to Virginia xxx

Come back tomorrow to see what other delights are in store for me... I can hardly wait!

See you tomorrow!