Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Pink pushchair and the CHRISTMAS SWAP

Season's greetings...
Hope you are all ready for Christmas and suitably excited about what lovely miniatures Santa will stuff into your stocking this year.  The great thing about minis is that because they are so small you can fit a heck of a lot into one stocking :)
As you may already know my lovely friend Virginia and I are doing a Christmas swap so I'll give you more details on this in a moment but first... here is a picture of a little pink twin pushchair I created recently.

The Christmas Swap

First I'll tell you a little story.  I love miniature knitting, a LOT, but it is something I can't do, I mean maybe I could manage a scarf over the course of a year if well supervised, no in fact I'd probably not even manage that lol.  Well being quite unable to knit myself I decided to hunt out someone who does have this gift and that's when I found Virginia.  To cut a long story short I bought some mini knitted cardigans from Virginia and she bought a pram from me... through this we worked out that we live just round the corner from each other which is lovely as I don't know many mini enthusiasts that live near me.  Well we both have blogs and so Virginia suggested that we do a Christmas swap, fantastic I thought, let's do it!! And here we are...

So a couple of days ago Virginia popped round to my house to do the swap... we each have made 12 mini gifts and wrapped then up, the idea being that we open one a day for the 12 days of Christmas.  Virginia went all out and numbered hers while I had a bit of a nightmare deciding which ones to  number what so decided I would leave the decision of which to open first down to Virginia.  I am SO, SO EXCITED!!!! It's such a lovely idea and I can hardly wait to see what I've got... I told Virginia she would probably hear the screams of delight from her house.

Here are the 12 gifts from Virginia...

Here are the 12 gifts I made...

Every day I'll be opening a gift and I'll be showing you what I got and Virginia will be doing the same so here are some links so you can follow us and see what surprises lay in store. 


Well it is Christmas eve so I'll take a moment to wish each and every one of you a very 
Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year.
See you tomorrow.

Gill x


  1. Hello from Spain: as usual, great twin stroller. Merry Christmas

  2. How exciting. I know they all will be adorable! Merry Christmas!

    1. Also, that little twin pushchair is beyond cute!

  3. Belated Christmas Greetings Gill!! Hope you had a wonderful day!