Saturday, 15 September 2012

Retro Record Player in Miniature 1/12th scale

Hello again, 

This week sees me making all those little extra’s that will bring my thatch cottage to life.  I made a retro record player, a set of garden furniture and a tiny, wearable coat.  The coat I made when I couldn’t sleep one night so I got up and spent my time wisely lol and somehow my project came together well and I’m pleased with it.  The little set of garden furniture I made because I couldn’t find what I wanted so I set about creating this and it suites my cottage very well.  The little retro record player has to be one of my favourite minis because I made it with an opening/closing lid, a moving turn table and both arms move (one moves in two directions – just like the real thing) and the records can be changed too.  Hope you like the pictures below.

Much love and big mini hugs
Gill x


  1. Wow! You made stunning miniatures. The garden set is very beautiful. I love the record player and the coat.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Hello Gill,
    You have amny talents! Everything looks great and so well done.
    Great job.

  3. I like the garden set. But everything is wonderful.
    Kiss Faby

  4. Hello from Spain: I love the garden furniture. Also the coat is very elegant. the record player is a big job. Keep in touch

  5. le salon de jardin est beau et original, j'aime aussi beaucoup, le manteau et le tourne-disques.