Monday, 23 April 2012

Sewing Patterns and Early Mornings

Well it’s another of those mornings where I get up at silly-o-clock because I’m too busy in my head.  I sold another pram last night which I am extremely pleased about and I have only a few bits and bobs left to do on the little reclining dolls house pram I’m making to order.  Must remember to pop some play-beads on it and make a blanket, must set them out before I forget. 
The other two prams I am making are a bit bigger than play scale; it is quite difficult working in the dark so I always ask for a picture of the doll before I begin as I can gain a lot of info from this.

Sewing Patterns
It occurred to me that I’m very fortunate as I never need to buy sewing patterns, I come from a long line of sewing women, my great nana was a tailoress – it would be just a tailor today I guess.  Anyhow both my great nana and my grandma were very good sewers, my mum sewed too but not as much and I made my very first dress (with the use of a purchased Pattern) when I was just 11 years old.  I was so proud of the dress I wore it to death, and it was lovely, funny it was also in my favourite colour too – red.  I can still remember it and I remember having to teach myself what all the things in the pattern were for or meant and then I also remember never using a bought pattern again because I found them too fussy and time consuming so from then on whenever I needed to make some clothes I just grabbed a similar garment from the draw and had a look at it, maybe took a couple of measurements, even pinned it to my fabric and cut round it on some occasions.  I must have been a nightmare to shop with, I’d be going round the shops saying “that’s ok if the sleeve was different” or “I’d buy that if it was in a different material” and so on, haha my other half calls me particular but I guess you get that way when you can then go home and create the item you really want all by yourself.  It didn’t stop at clothes, when I had children I made their clothes and I made all the soft furnishings, I couldn’t afford £70 just for a pair of posh tiebacks to match my cushions so I made them all.  I realised that as long as you have the basic pattern for something in your head you can manipulate that shape and turn it around until you have what you want.  Apparently this is a very male trait, men can read maps better than women because they are better able to turn shapes round in their head but I can read maps great too!  I could say here that being able to twist a shape round in your head as a man is just that but us girls actually put that talent to good use lol.  Only kidding!  Anyway it just means that with a good look at anything I’m rather like a photo copier for 3D objects and I can copy it, and my fave way to do this is in miniature form. 

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