Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mini Shopping Trolley

Well no minis this morning because I’m helping my son-in-law with CV’s and job hunting, I’m also having workmen round and then I’m off to see mum and take her out if she’s up to it, so busy day but don’t worry I’ll be right back to making mini creations tomorrow.  I’m planning on making some old style prams but I needed to research the correct materials and of course the materials differ depending on what year and make the pram is.  Think I may need to make my own wheels and also make some more specific tools.  I was asked to create a larger old style pram, bit bigger than play scale for an OOAK doll and this is more difficult than making a small pram because I have to spend so long re-sizing everything and creating new patterns etc, I'll let you see the pix when it is completed.  I’ve still a long list of projects in the make but a lovely friend who has just purchased a pram from me dropped me an email and asked if I'd create something in mini size so here it is... 

...of course it's just in it's prototype stage but I think  it’s cute so I’ll be making lots more.  

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  1. Wonderful! I like the colors.
    Bye Faby

  2. This looks great. It looks like the real thing.
    Hugs Maria