Monday, 23 April 2012


Oh before I forget... Giveaways!!!! 

GIVEAWAYS!!! Follow my blog and like my page to be entered into TWO seperate giveaways!!

I will be having TWO draws soon, EACH with a different prize!!!
The rules are as follows: Everyone who joins my blogspot both new and old will be entered into the draw.  Within one week of my followers reaching 50 I shall make the draw.

Everyone who likes my page  Both new and old will be entered into the second draw.  I will make the draw within one week of my facebook likes reaching 100!

You can enter into both draws and have twice the chance of winning!  So what are you waiting for, like my page, follow my blogspot and tell your friends.

I shall post pictures of the prizes shortly - watch this space!!


  1. Hiya we are friends on Fb, so am now following your lbog, thankyou for oding the givaways am sure they will be delightful, your prams to make are amazing.

  2. Hiya, yes I've seen your posts, thanks for your comments. I'm busy making several things for the giveaways, think I may offer a choice because not everyone likes modern things. Thanks for following my blog.
    Gill x

  3. I liked you on facebook and I'm following your blog. I'm curious to see the prizes of your giveawys.
    Bye Faby

  4. I come cross from Littlethings and I'm a new follower. Your prams are so wonderful. Great work.
    Hugs from Craftland

  5. Hello there, nice to meet you, thank you for your comments, I love making prams, its the little girl in me lol xx

  6. Hello Faby, Giveaway pix should be up some time next week. :) xx

  7. Hi!I'm your new follower and I'm curious to see your next giveaway..Your prams are very beatifuls...Hugs

  8. I am your new follower and admirer of your beautiful work. The prams are precious. As soon as I see a picture of your giveaway I'll put a link on my blog to spread the news.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. Me anotas por favor en tu sorteo?
    Estaría dichosa si ganara alguno de tus "prams" son adorables!
    Soy seguidora, he invitado a algunas amigas, le he dado a "me gusta" en facebook!
    Lo he publicado en la "sidebar" de mi blog
    Un abrazo

  10. Hola, gracias por el sorte, ya soy seguidora tuya , ya le di me gusta en faceebok, no tengo blog pero lo comunicaré en mi facebook
    un beso desde Perú