Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Ultra Modern Mini Pushchairs & Pram

Hello Mini Friends...

I have a lot to show you this post... I have been working hard designing new frame for my pushchairs and new wheels.  I wanted something that was more straightforward to put together and yet looked very modern.  I spent a long time researching modern pushchairs and then started 3D designing on my computer and once I had a few components designed I set about printing some of them on my 3D printer.  This process is lengthy since one has to get all the dimensions spot on for a good fit and as with all minis often the naked eye is a much better judge of size so this process continued with me making millions of parts in all different sizes and making endless notes along the way till I had something that actually looked good and fitted together well. 

The next stage was to perfect the new style for the carrycot section of the pram.  I wanted to use my last modern pram as inspiration for the new style and I coupled this with more 3D printing to give shape and stability.  Wait till you see my next new pushchairs, they will have completely new shapes and frames but for now though I used my tried and tested pushchair patterns for the seat section.  Next month I will add in a new feature of a seat that will change position.

As I was busy creating these new frames I also decided to make a simple pushchair kit that even the novice crafter can put together and these will be available in my shop very soon so keep an eye out for them.

So, in my shop this week are three new pushchairs and one new pram.  Two pink unicorn pushchairs, one with a Peter Rabbit lemon stripe print and the pram is in royal blue with a check print fabric. 

Here come the pictures...

Pink unicorn pushchair number 1.

1/12h Scale miniature dollhouse pushchair/stroller

Pink unicorn pushchair number 2.

1/12h Scale miniature dollhouse pushchair/stroller

My Peter Rabbit lemon stripe pushchair.

1/12h Scale miniature dollhouse pushchair/stroller

The ultra modern pram.

1/12th Scale Miniature Dollhouse Pram

Hope you like them :)

And here are my new kits...


Now I am working on a twin, side by side pushchair/pram with a new style seat frame and I also want to try and fulfill the requests for 1/6th scale pushchairs so for those who like playscale I may have some nice new pushchairs for you in a month or so. 

That's all for now.

Big mini hugs,

Gill x