Friday, 1 September 2017

Sunny Yellow Pram

Hello mini friends,

I've been super busy since last time I posted... I've been making some things with my 3D printer.  I know some of you are very technical and others not so I'll tell you a little bit about what I've been up to.  I got my printer about two years ago, I cannot believe how quickly time passes but I had wanted one for a while and even though it took a bit of mastering I got there and now I'm addicted lol.  Now before you rush off to buy one be aware, if you are not technical it's not quite as simple as printing something 2D in ink.   While this is my new fave toy atm, it is very time consuming and I wish I didn't have so many ideas because I don't have enough time to make everything I think up.  The fact is that it takes days, weeks, months even to design and scale any new project and this is on top of the general research, then when you come to printing something you need a printer that can handle the task and the variables are immense! Once you start to print there are lots and lots of settings that one has to get right and this process results in many, many wasted prints that are not quite right in one way or another.  However, once you have mastered all that, if you have any hair left lol you can print some rather cute components that help to enhance your minis... although most of the time you have to print everything in sections and then construct it later which can also be a pain - not to mention working out how to un-construct it and make it into kit form in the first place.

Anyhoo... this week saw me make a twin pushchair; one side has a carrycot and the other a seat for a toddler.  I wanted something bright so I opted for a sunny yellow with a grey base for contrast.  So far this one hasn't got a new owner so is up for sale on my website.  I wanted to make something a little different so I used my printer to create the parts which meant the parts were precise sizes (give or take a few hundred failed prints lol).  Usually the bit I hate most is bending metal and not getting it exactly right on the first attempt. Being as I have to make these in kit form anyway I decided I am going to make up some kits for single pushchairs that should be pretty reasonable in cost and sell them in my shop, that way more people can own their own mini pushchairs in the colours they choose. 

1/12th Scale twin pushchair.

Dollhouse Stroller

I/12th Scale twin pushchair.

Dollhouse Pram

Next I made a cash register, I wanted one with an opening drawer that had space for change and paper money and included a little receipt - sticking out the top mid sale.  I printed these in several pieces and then constructed them.  Not perfect yet but I think I may bring them out as kits for people to make up in a few weeks.  Everyone seemed to like them and I found new homes for some of the prototypes so that was positive.

Dollhouse Cash Register

1/12th Scale Till

Then I had decided to make some old 70's TV sets the ones with the huge back panels and wooden surrounds.  I figured I'd use actual wood for the outer edge and pop a light inside so they would light up.  I've included a pic of the prototype again for you.  As you can see it's a little rough so it will need a few adjustments but I think they will look good eventually.

Well that's it for this time... hope you like all my mini makes :) Next time I may have mini baby car seats and high chairs if I get time.

Big mini hugs,
Gill x

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