Friday, 23 June 2017

Moses Baskets and a Sofa

Hello mini friends,

It's been a long time (again) since my last post.  I think since I became a grandma and consequently had to do a little bit (just a teeny tiny bit) of growing up my life has been taken over with grandchildren and that coupled with caring for adult children and my mum and well all the important people who are closest to one's heart, doesn't leave much time for minis at the moment.  Which is just as it should be of course because as much as I love what I do, family always come as I'm sure you'll agree.   Indeed we have recently had a new addition to our family, my son (who you may remember had a little girl born sleeping a few years ago) has just had another baby girl, she is happy and healthy and she is almost three weeks old now.  As you can imagine my son and daughter in law are overjoyed and basically spend their days just looking at her, she is so loved.  Here's a little picture of her, she's called Olivia Grace...

...isn't she just adorable.  I doubt I'll get to look after her much because her mummy and daddy can't put her down haha, but I'm happy either way, she's loved and that's all that matters.

Well on the mini's front I have managed to make some new things.  I decided to change my website a little so as to just sell mostly the things I make, some craft items and a couple of other small bits and bobs, that done I am trying to get all those ideas that have sat on a back burner for years and actually create them.  So here is my first sofa, I did roughly make a chair some time back but I wanted to test this shape of sofa because I intend to print my own fabrics and make some more but as always there is a process of trial and error to go through before you end up with something that makes you really happy.  

1/12th Scale Floral Sofa

1/12th Scale Floral Sofa

1/12th Scale Floral Sofa

I also made four Moses baskets, each one comes with a matching coverlet and a folding stand and these are available in my shop.  

1/12th Scale dolls house Moses baskets

1/12th Scale miniature Moses basket

1/12th Scale dollshouse Moses basket

1/12th Scale dollhouse Miniature Moses basket

1/12th Scale Moses Baskets

I hope you like them; I intend to make up a few prams and pushchairs in matching fabrics.  I have got several modern prams on the table but as I'm making modern pram kits these are taking a long time to perfect because I have to keep testing to be sure all the parts fit together easily.  You might remember I made the carriage pram kits a while back, these have sold really well but because of the nature of the pram they are not for the faint hearted but more for the experienced crafter. 

1/12th Scale Carriage Pram Kit

My modern pushchairs and prams on the other hand will be much simpler to construct and anyone should be able to make them up.  I've got most of the parts working but making up the instructions that accompany them is what takes the time. 

After the prams I want to make some bedroom furniture then some working lights and slowly go down the list of mini makes I've been waiting to create for ages.  Hope you like this month's mini makes, they are available in my shop now and with a bit of luck I'll soon have some matching pushchairs or prams to go with them.

Big mini hugs,

Gill x


  1. Beautiful miniature Work as Usual and my Congratulations on your new Grand baby! I can see why you'd have to stand in line to hold her- she's Adorable!!!! ♡ :D


  2. Aww thank you Elizabeth, Olivia is adorable, these grandchildren do take up ones time but I wouldn't have it any other way :) x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for your comment, it is good news indeed :)

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