Monday, 2 July 2012

The next mini make...

Well the next mini make is BIG and I don't mean in size I mean in quantity.  The 'Blue for a Boy' Nursery Set is well on the way, it will include a pram, a cot, a crib, a baby rocker, a highchair, toy box and much, much more and as always there will be lots of moving parts and great attention to detail... pix to follow this week.  The full nursery set will be on sale but as always I will give you a chance to own it first before it goes to ebay, so feel free to make enquirers now and watch out for the pictures. xx


  1. Hello from Spain: I'm looking forward to your future development. I´m sure it will be gorgeous. Keep in touch

  2. oh, oh ma curiosité est en éveil !

  3. It's a wonderful project. I'm curious to see it finished.
    Bye Faby