Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mini baskets

I know I'm right in the middle of finishing off the nursery set but I had a couple of friends who wanted baskets so here they are.  I made these from scratch and I'll post a little tutorial for them as soon as I have a moment so you can have a go at making one yourself.  Like all mini's they are fiddly and time consuming to make but worth it because they are very cute and far nicer than their pictures.


  1. vite, le tutoriel ... Ces paniers sont tellement mignons. Merci.

  2. lovely relaxing scene and beautiful baskets.

  3. Hello from Spain: Congratulations on creating these wonderful baskets. Great work, keep in touch with blog blog

  4. Cant wait for the tutorial Gill ............ something else to add to my to try list xx