Monday, 17 May 2021

 Hello all...

I've been 3D printing for a lot of years now and I now have several printers.  These have made my life much easier in terms of I no longer need to bend wire to make prams but more difficult in the fact that I now just want to design millions of things and I still have not enough time. ­čść

Ok so I'm not sure what I have showed you but here is a gate... a gate I made just because I could! I think it's great and better still I can make these in any side or even any style you like.  Email me at if you would like a gate or fencing made to order.

1/12th scale garden gate

I also made my own version of an old retro game console the Atari.  It features a removable games cartage which slots in just like the real thing.  

Available in my shop

1/12th Scale Atari game console

I made some crates - credit for this design to Jaakko Ruutiainen.

These little crates and bottles are perfect for a miniature shop... they can be made in any colour or painted and I can make them to order.  Again drop me a message if you would like one making. Email me at

I made a new crib... might make dome more different modern designs of this.  This one (at the time of writing is available.

1/12th Scale modern miniature crib

Well that's all for now.  Enjoy your miniatures.