Friday, 13 June 2014

Our Precious New Arrival and a Twin Pushchair

Hello all,
Well I had begun the year with great intentions to keep everybody updated but then I got a surprise, a new granddaughter so all my efforts went off in a rather PINK baby girl direction lol and oh am I enjoying her.
I thought I'd show you all a few pictures of my gorgeous 1st granddaughter Phoebe, she weighed 8lb 6oz at birth and she's almost six weeks old now which means that I have finally managed to slow down buying her gorgeous outfits and actually apply myself enough to finish off a twin pushchair that I started some months back - pictures below.

I have another twin pushchair on the table almost finished and then I've got some new materials to test out before I begin making some pram and pushchair kits.  The patterns for the body of the pram/pushchair is the easy part of designing a kit but I'm not sure how to convert the rest of the process into kit form so a little working out is needed here.

AND, as if I didn't have enough projects on the go, I started my DHE mountfield doll house, so far it has been just glued together but soon I'll be priming it in white before testing out my brick effect  mix that I got from Bromleys that I've never used before... I'll post pictures as I go so you can see how easy or difficult it is to use.

Ok now for all the pictures, firstly my little princess Phoebe...

She's absolutely gorgeous and I love her to pieces :) 

And here is the pushchair with separately reclining seats, yes it is like the last one but that is because since I made it everyone has asked me to make another one so, here it is and it is up for sale. 

Now if I can stop buying pink baby things I'll finish off my twin red and grey pushchair and then maybe manage to start designing some kits :)
Till next time...
Big mini hugs


  1. That push chair is absolutely gorgeous and function with both sides! The sweetest mini is your beautiful grandbaby! from one grandma to another....CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. Thank you! I'm over the moon with her, grandchildren are the best! :) x

  2. Aaaah, Phoebe is so precious you lucky grandma! I'm surprised you could let go of her for long enough to do a blogpost!! Of course the pushchair is gorgeous! I know how perfectly true to life are your creations, I am so lucky as to have three of them!

    1. Aww thanks mate! I got the chance to have Phoebe all to myself the other day and I didn't put her down haha, she's going to be spoiled! What else are grandchildren for? ;) xx

  3. sending huge hugs and oooooddles of love to you and Emma, congratulations on being new grandparents.....Phoebe is beautiful and a very fortunate little lady to have you both in her life.....grandchildren are our reward for NOT strangling our teenagers you know Gill!!!!!!.....hope Mummy is well (sometimes we forget about Mum) and tell her love n hugs from John and Me xxxx <3

    1. LOL Ginny, you always make me laugh with your naughtiness haha but so true :D thank you lovely... I'm still overwhelmed with my new princess so I think mini-land will be a slow starter in comparison for a while anyway. I am looking forward to lots of girly shopping trips tho :) xxxx

  4. Congratulations! Phoebe is a sweet and beautiful baby.
    The pushchair is amazing.

    1. Thank you Faby, I am enjoying my beautiful baby granddaughter so much :) x

  5. Congratulations! (^ ^)
    I'm about to become grandma for the second time in about a month or so - Can't wait to see which one there will be this time. I only hope that now that my sons army time is about to end soon, that I'll get to see them both little more often than what I have seen for now...
    Phoebe sure looks cute (* *)
    And the pushchair is awesome.

  6. Awww that's wonderful news, I have a grandson also, he is 5 and I'm really lucky because he comes to my house to stay every friday and then we take him out on saturday. I can't believe how much he's grown and it is especially noticeable when I hold tiny Phoebe. I love being a grandparent. Hope you get to spend lots of time with your grandchildren in the near future :) x

  7. Hello Gill,
    What a wonderful little girl. every time I see a newborn I remember one verse from a song that goes "May the angels protect you and sadness forget you" an I certainly wish that on your beautiful granddaughter. The pushchair is beautifully done, but I'm afraid your granddaughter stole the show.
    big hug,

  8. Such a sweet little baby =) And the push chair is great too!

  9. Muchísimas felicidades por tu nueva nieta,Phoebe es preciosa!!!!!! Disfruta mucho de ella,está tan linda!!!!!
    La silla de gemelos es fantástica!!!!!

  10. Thank you all for your wonderful comments :) xx

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