Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Ninth Day of Christmas

On the ninth Day Of Christmas...

My friend gave to me, two pairs of teeny tiny animal mittens!!

Oh my, oh wow these are breath taking... just look at the details, tiny whiskers, little pink ears and fantastic googly eyes and they are wearable!!!   Love them, love them, love them!!  I honestly cannot wait to have a proper play with my new minis, dress up my dolls and display everything in my houses and I'll be sure to post up pictures when I do.  Thank you Virginia, I can't believe the work you have put into everything, you are such a talented lady! xxx

Ahhh they are just soooo cute!!! 

If you would like to see what gifts Virginia has opened up, visit her blog here.
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See you tomorrow



  1. those are so cute :) I love the froggie ones

    1. Me too... they are even better in real life than the pic :)