Monday, 28 October 2013

Twin Pushchair and other minis...

Hello all,
Been a long time since my last blog... I've been ultra busy bothering my better half to make my website for me lol.  It is almost done, a temporary shop is in place atm with me rushing around trying to input more stock so that the proper shop can be up and running sometime this year, fingers crossed.  this website seems to have been almost finished for a long time now so I'm praying it finally gets completed this year because being a 'struggling artist' lol I could do with the extra income just so I can afford a day off haha :)

So what have I been up to, well my lovely mate Susan, from down under gave me a shout and asked me to make her a little twin pushchair for the twin babies that live in her house so I gladly obliged. 

The little seats can lay back or sit upright and the hoods can be folded back.  

This is a pic of the pushchairs in their new home with their real owners :)

I first met Susan when I created a replica wheelchair in mini for her.  After many conversations and lots of taking pictures and measurements this was the result...
I really enjoyed this project! :D

Now Susan is fantastic with yarn and one day mid creation of the twin pushchair a tiny parcelarrived and inside was the most amazingly small tea cosy with an extremely tiny and very beautiful butterfly sitting on top, well I thought it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen!!  Until I saw the other minis sitting aside it... scream!!! An itsy bitsy pair of pants with ever so delicate buttons on the side AND some dainty, teeny, titchy little shoes with even tinier buttons!!!!  WOW!!  These must have been made by faeries they are so perfect!  A big thanks to my mate for these wonderful little minis that I will treasure forever.  Words can't tell you how pleased I am to own them.  :D

See the tiny butterfly on top, the picture just does not do it justice at all, its amazing!

I've added in a 1 pence coin so you can see just how TINY they really are!  See, I told you faeries must have helped make them lol ;)

Now, I did get all my pram orders finished so I promised myself some time with my caravan, I needed to do more work to the inside so with a bit of luck I'll update you with pictures very soon but in the meantime, here is a little 1/12th scale Paris inspired curiosity coffee table with lots of Paris keepsakes inside it.  Hope you like it, it is available for sale in my Etsy shop or you can but it direct from me and I'll knock a couple of ££'s off just for being my follower :)

Next projects on the table are some unusual couches and an old style two bar electric fire because it's getting cold now and my thatch cottage needs warming up lol. 

Till next time...
Big mini hugs

Gill x


  1. Everything is wonderful and the table is original.
    Greetings, Faby

  2. Hi Gill! I saw your Pushchair featured on Susan's blog and I Thought it was from You as soon as I saw it! Susan has filled them with some very beautiful babies but your wonderful pushchair and the wheelchair are little Works of Art too! I don't know how you manage to get everything so well to scale but you do and the effect and the variety of styles is truly Amazing to behold!
    I can only imagine your surprised "Scream" of delight, when you opened the parcel of Susan's wonderful assorted crochet inside! You are both such MASTERS of your CRAFT; I think that I would have been screaming too! :D


  3. a visit to your blog is always enchanting!!! It is wonderful to see your beautiful work! How cute these little baby shoes are..!!! :) looking forward to seeing your website! :)

  4. Glad things arrived uncrushed Gill and so happy you like them. Love your memento table mate!!

  5. Just had a peek at your shop, crikey mate you have been a busy lady! Wishing you great success!!

  6. I love that wheelchair... I like so much that you made it

  7. Your work always makes me drool! Twin pushchair! Your friend is just as talented as you are. such unique needlework. Your table gives me great ideas!