Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Miniature child-doll's stroller

Hello my lovely mini friends,

As always I’ve been bust making prams, I wish you could see them in real life because I just don’t think pictures do them justice at all.  I had a fun order (that I’ve pictured below) and it was to make this little 1/12th scale child-doll’s toy stroller.  I scaled down to approximately half the size of a standard 1/12th scale pushchair so I guess it would pass as 1/24th scale.  It is meant to look like a child’s stroller though without as much ‘fuss’ as an adult pushchair would have and I think it does look child-like.  It’s still very detailed and  I’m pleased with it, if I get any time I may make a couple more. 

Thank you for all your lovely comments; I love to hear what you think of my mini creations, it spurs e on when I’m having one of those no-motivation-moments lol.  I have been toying with the idea of running some classes to show people how I make my prams; I thought I would provide the materials and perhaps have a class of around 10 or 12.  I also thought about making some kits… I am not sure how much these would cost to roll out though, still just a thought.

Well I’m planning a little holiday soon, just five days in Portugal, I like it there, it seems fairly laid back and generally has a relaxed feel to the place and with my crazy life relaxing is very much needed. I’ve not even thought about what clothes I’ll need or anything yet, I expect I’ll just rush-pack the day before knowing me lol. 

I was wondering if anyone has ever wanted something in miniature that they could not find anywhere?  I’m looking for new ideas I guess… I always like to make new and interesting things.  I am going to make some modern furniture closer to the end of the year but I’m booked up till August so it won’t be till after then.
Well, I better get back to it, got some babies to sculpt and more prams to make.

Talk soon!
Gill x


  1. Your child/dolls stroller is wonderful.
    A big hug to you

  2. Fantastic! Perfect with the bear.
    Bye, Faby

  3. Hello Gill,
    Once again, excellence in miniature. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that the weather is nice. I Usually do not look for things very long...If I do not find it fast I try to make it myself, but I am still in the construction phase.
    Big hug,

  4. Vraiment très jolie poussette!
    Mini hugs,

  5. Too cute for words......I'm bowled over!!!! Love it!

  6. elle est très mignonne cette poussette-jouet !
    Bonnes vacances ! rosethé

  7. Fantastic , fabulous, adorable, cute, gorgeous...Love them!

    There is a giveaway in my blog if interested..

  8. Lovely, its very cute! I would be interested in a kit :)

    1. Thank you, I'm perhaps going to look into creating kits later this year (july-ish) once I'm on top of my orders, I'll let you know if I get some sorted :)

  9. Adorei os carrinhos, as bonecas, tudo...tudo
    Agradeço tua visita e aproveito para deixar-te um premio em meu blog