Monday, 25 June 2012

Back to it...

Hello mini lovers.  I’ve had a little holiday, about ten days while my other half was off work so I’ve been power kiting, bike riding, took my grandchild to Thomas land, went the cinema, been to a water sports event where the other half did kayaking, been for meals out and generally watched movies, played games and had a very fun filled week!  Now it’s back to the grind lol and I’ve been working on a Victorian perambulator, the research has been immense and I’ve now come up with something that I think can hold its own out there in the world of miniatures.  This perambulator will have flat metal chasses, a metal and wooden handle, a padded, part quilted inertia and lined, moving hood with hinged arm.  I’m most of the way there, just need to work on a few sizing issues and then paint a few parts and finally fix it together.   Pix up as soon as the hard work has ended. 


  1. je suis impatiente de voir la prochaine merveille que vous allez nous concocter

  2. Thank you so much, its always nice to know that people take an interest in my minis :) x

  3. can;t wait to see it! :)

  4. Looking forward to seeing your new pram. Your work is fantastic.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Hello from Spain: welcome back. I hope you've enjoyed your holidays. I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations. Keep in touch