Sunday, 20 May 2012

Just an update

Hello everyone, thank you for the fantastic comments that you give me on my work, really makes my day.  The first draw will be made this evening and the result shall be up on here by Monday (tomorrow).  To enter the facebook draw, just go here and like my page.

Next week I’m planning on making lots of prams, I’ve decided to cut out about 6 bodies for my new traditional silver cross style prams and then I’m going to make all the chassis before moving on to making lots of hoods for them, not sure how long the actual process of lining each pram and creating a working hood will take but I’ve decided on four of the colours so far. I want to make more shopping trolleys and some suitcases too.  I also want to do more sculpting but this is probably going to take me about three weeks to even start with all the projects I have on.  I wish someone would put more hours in the day lol.  Besides all this I’ve got about twenty projects in the make, two cots, several Moses baskets, some shopping bags, shoes and sandals (wearable of course), some toys, another blue cord pram, a modern twin pushchair and two other prams.  Like I said... more hours please :D 


  1. je suis certaine que nous serons nombreux(ses) pour découvrir les nouvelles créations.
    Bon courage ! A très vite !

  2. Wow sounds like a very busy time for you :) I love your work its amazing.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Son muchos proyectos! pero seguramente los realizarás y muy bien:)
    Un abrazo

  4. Busy busy busy!! I'm sure the 'assembly line' technique must pay off tho in terms of items produced over a certain length of time.