Thursday, 29 March 2012

Busy Life

Not been here for a while because it’s been a crazy few weeks filled with people going to hospital and meetings about my mum (who is severely disabled) and general rushing around... it’s actually my birthday tomorrow and I don’t even feel as if I have time for it.  I’ve a pram in the make for someone who has an OOAK sculpt and she would like a pram to display her baby in but because the sculpt has her arms up by her head she is very wide and this throws the scale off just a touch so I’m (in true perfectionist style) not happy with it yet. 

Anyway tomorrow is my birthday and I put lots of lovely things on my birthday list, manly craft items or minis so I’ll pop up a pic of my presses when they arrive.  It’s also all hands on deck day for the cottage which I will be working on as a gift to myself tomorrow but for now, I’m off to make more prams.

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